Unexpected Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

Are you on the fence about downsizing? Let me tell you about some unexpected benefits, in just a second.

Hi, I'm Sherri Foster, your Northern Virginia Right Size agent. If you are thinking about downsizing, right sizing as I like to say, you are in the right place!

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Now on to the benefits you may not have thought about.

Benefit One

Financial. I know you're thinking, Sherry this isn't exactly unexpected! Trading a big house and a big mortgage, for a small house and a small mortgage, yeah, we got that. We understand.

However, have you thought about the 5, 10, 15, even 20 years of equity you have built up in your house? Get debt free, go on that dream vacation, invest in retirement, or pay for your child's education. You have the money.

Benefit Two

Time. How much time do you spend maintaining your home: cleaning, yard work, fixing? Wouldn't it be great to have less to clean, little to no yard work? What would you do with your newfound free time? Take up that hobby you've been wanting to do, learn something new, relax and enjoy life more, you have the time for that!

Benefit Three

Lifestyle choice. What is your ideal lifestyle? Always wanted to live in a more active community, close to farmers markets, trails, bike paths, nature, a single-story home for aging in place? Now is your chance to make those lifestyle choices!

Benefit Four

Less stress! I know what you're thinking, moving is stressful! How will this possibly give me less stress? Well, you're right. It can be. However, clutter is stressful! Everyone has clutter from simply living in their homes. Usually, the bigger the house, the more clutter you have. Before right sizing, you will need to declutter. There is always a great sense of relief once you've decluttered. Whether it's a bookshelf, a room or your whole house, it feels great! If you aren't up for doing it yourself, there are lots of companies out there that are willing to help.

Now, you know about some surprising benefits to downsizing. 

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I’m a full time Realtor® in the Northern Virginia market. I am a wife, a mom and a proud, die-hard baseball mom. My son is in high school, so I only have a short time before I am an empty nester too. This is why my channel is titled, The Empty Nest Lifestyle. I will be discussing lots of things related to being an empty nester. Downsizing your home, rightsizing your life and living your best life!

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